“It’s a compliment to SEARCH to have that contract [Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill]. Keep up your important work protecting those resources.”
- Senator Bob Graham, Co-Chairman, The President’s National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling


SEARCH’s focus on customer service, rapid response, and professionalism has resulted in our firm being selected for major projects by more than 100 of the world’s leading A/E firms, developers, and law firms. We are experts in permitting land development, civil works, and land conservation projects and negotiating reasonable cultural resource solutions with agencies. SEARCH has the qualifications and capacity to complete major projects, multiple simultaneous projects, highly complex projects, and emergency requests under deadline.

We conduct due-diligence reviews, reconnaissance-level studies, and Phase I, II, and III projects that are tailored to the customer’s goals and agency requirements. We have supported several projects over 50,000 acres in size, multiple projects between 10,000 and 500 acres, and hundreds under 100 acres.

For more information regarding our capabilities in the Commercial sector, please contact Bruce Nodine, Principal Investigator at bruce@searchinc.com / 352-283-0566, or any of the POCs at SEARCH’s offices.